Into a mirror

by A Quiet Norway



Into A Mirror is the outcome of various sessions of improvisations done in Norway last September. Also is the confirmation that AQN is in fact a trio, counting with the presence and expertise of Mathis Dikkanen at the bass that provides an extra layer of musicality and improvisation. All together, they composed an irregular piece that lasts for almost 30 minutes, the whole recording apart from being an exploration and a dialogue between synthesisers and field recordings has a strange taste of the previous works by AQN. If we listen to previous works, we will find out that Into A Mirror is a decomposed A Quiet Norway piece merging down with the local component or attachment to the country that provides field recordings.

Finally the piece evolves to many different paths, as some sort of journey through Fiords and misty valleys A Quiet Norway manages to surprise us one more time with a twist on its own genre. Probably the best achievement could be to introduce the improvisational character that provides freshness and dynamism to a dense and droney project.

Enjoy it! as they did while recording it,


released October 16, 2011

Rune Martinsen - keyboards & synths
Jean Montag - synths & field recordings
Mathis Dikkanen - bass & field recordings

Composed by Martinsen/Montag/Dikkanen
Produced by Rune Martinsen & Jean Montag
Recorded by Rune Martinsen,
Mixed by Jean Montag, at K.O.L.T. studio, Søndeled,
early september 2011.

Artwork by Jean Montag & Audiotalaia

released on Audiotalaia netlabel
free download:




A Quiet Norway Aust-Agder, Norway

Rune Martinsen and Jean Montag joined forces a few years back to unveil a collaborative project that now we know as A Quiet Norway.
Between Martinsen and Montag there are 3.250 km distance all across Europe. Despite the distance they manage to confront their own perspectives and tastes and match them together creating a project that ranges from noise to dark ambient and field recordings.
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